Rotorseals & QRV's

The various ROTORSEALS (rotary union) manufactured by Gummi permit the transfer of a variety of mediums such as gases, liquids, into or out of the open end of the shaft.
Most all pneumatic drum clutch / brake elements operate with a through – the – shaft air supply. This usually requires the use of a ROTORSEALS at the air supply open end of the shaft. Gummi manufactures 12 of the most common sizes and styles of ROTORSEALS used in the majority of drum clutch applications covering a wide variety of industries.

When a particular application requires an immediate release of air pressure at or near the clutch / brake at the end of a cycle, the most common solution is found with a QUICK RELEASE VALVE (QRV). Gummi produces a variety of styles and sizes of QRV’s for various clutch / brake configurations and applications.

*All Gummi Rotorseals and Quick Release Valves are directly interchangeable in both size and performance with other major brands. Detailed information on the Styles, Sizes and interchange for Rotorseals and QRV’s can be found in the accompanying table.


Gummi Rotorseals