The earliest of all the Gummi products were couplings. Gummi manufactures a wide variety of couplings designed specifically to protect the more critical elements in a series of power transmission components. The couplings are there to absorb shock and torsional vibration and to compensate for any minor shaft misalignments that may be present. All couplings that are either manufactured or sold by Gummi are interchangeable as complete assemblies with the major coupling brands.

The Gummi line of couplings includes:

    * Universal Flexible Couplings
    * Hydraulic ( Fluid Filled ) Couplings
    * Pnuematic Couplings
    * Nylon Sleeve Couplings
    * Gear Tooth Coupling


Gummi Universal Flexible Couplings


Gummi Hydraulic Couplings