Remote Start System

WPT's Hydraulic Remote Start system is the most flexible, most adaptable actuation system currently available. It is capable of accelerating the heaviest of loads, performing in extreme environments, & adapting to your engine’s needs. Our system operates with the push of a button, can withstand the harshest of conditions, and will not allow the engine to stall. This system functions by sensing either engine speed, or both engine speed & PTO output speed at the same time. This system will work with all of the new and pre-existing WPT Hydraulic PTO’s.

Development of the Hydraulic Remote Start was based on mimicking proven engagement techniques used by humans. In the past, hand lever operated PTO’s were used to accelerate heavy loads which were capable of stalling the engine in an instant. In order to keep the engine running, the operator would repeatedly engage & disengage the PTO in order to bring the load up to speed, with the engine at idle. The sensors were simple, people used their ability to hear and feel.

WPT’s system "hears" by sensing engine speed, and "feels" by sensing hydraulic pressure. Now with the reliable performance of hydraulics & electronics, WPT was able to perfect the starting procedure. Removing the operator from the equation will decrease down time, eliminate human error, and will protect your investment!

WPT’s approach towards the design & development of the Hydraulic Remote Start system has been reduced to the simplest, most reliable solution available on the market today. Teamed with WPT’s line of rugged, field proven Hydraulic PTO’s, you’ll find WPT’s Hydraulic Remote Start to be an instant victory for your business.