FSB 101-107 FC Spring Applied Industrial Caliper Disc Brake


- The FSB 101-107 FC brake is a Fail Safe Brake, Spring Applied, Hydraulic Released, braking force adjustable by
  variation of air gap and by variation of spring package.

- The FSB 101-107-FC brake is designed as a floating calliper. FSB 101-107-FC brakes are suitable for horizontal
  and vertical brake discs under any angular displacement.

Design Advantage:

- Compact and robust construction

- Fast response time, fast braking for maximum safety

- Stainless steel piston

- Sinter linings for high speed/high energy application

- Retraction springs ensure air gap between lining and disc, when brake is open

- Optimized lining pressure distribution by innovative force transmission

- Optimized isolation of lateral forces

- Minimized risk of leakage

- Suitable for low temperature application

- Long life time

- Easy maintenance


Stopping and / or Holding brake for Wind Power Generator