Rotofluid Coupling CA

ROTOFLUID-CA “ITALIAN PATENT PENDING” hydraulic couplings with annular chamber and starting tourque lower than nominal motor torque.





WESTCAR sets up the new “ROTOFLUID-CA” coupling to improve its range of fluid couplings, already known and appreciated all over the world since more than twenty years. The peculiarity of this coupling is to allow a smooth and adjustable start through a reduced initial torque. Thanks to its properties, the “ROTOFLUID-CA” coupling is the most innovative and suitable to start all those machines, which require a setting of the transmission before beginning the real starting (for example: belt conveyors). The peculiarity of the “ROTOFLUID-CA” coupling is more evident compared to the starting curves of the various types of constant filling fluid couplings.

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  • Rotofluid CA pdf document

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