Rotofluid Coupling DCF

ROTOFLUID-DCF hydraulic couplings with double delay chamber.






The use of a fluid coupling with a delay fill chamber limits maximum torque during start-up, without prejudicing slipping in normal functioning. This allows the motor to quickly increase speed [revs] without hitting the resistant torque (as if it started unloaded).

A Fluid coupling with a delay fill feature is fitted with additional chamber in order to reduce the quantity of oil in the working circuit. The chamber is in contact with the circuit via calibrated nozzles, which can be set as required.
The variation in the calibrated nozzle holes changes the time it takes for the oil in the chamber to reach the working circuit, thereby, increasing or decreasing start-up time for the driven machine.

When all the oil has flowed from the chamber into the circuit, the fluid coupling reaches the rated speed, transmitting the required torque with minimum slippage. Fluid couplings may be fitted with either a single or dual delay fill chamber.

With a single delay fill chamber, Ca/Cn torque limitation varies from 180% to 150%, adjusting the quantity of oil.

With a dual delay fill chamber Ca/Cn torque limitation varies from 150%. to 120%, adjusting the quantity of oil.

The advantages of delay fill chambers are enhanced as the power requirement rises.
SCF and DCF delay fill chambers are available from size 30 to size 95P.

The advantages of using Fluid Couplings

  • Low energy loss even where inertia is high
  • Start-up time can be adjusted
  • Start-up torque is limited to pre-set values without affecting slip
  • Limitation of start-up current prolongs the life of the motor
  • For controls with several drives the coupling automatically adjusts the load speed on the basis of synchronous speed
  • More start-ups per hour
  • The direction of rotation can be reversed
  • Asynchronous squirrel cage motors can be used instead of electric motors or special starting devices (Inductors, autotransformers, star-delta, etc.)
  • If the load is blocked, both the motor and load are protected.

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