power grip clutch

Power Grip Clutches

Split friction discs and airtubes are available to assist with maintenance.

Wave Spring Coil

WPT has incorporated a major design improvement into the Power Grip Clutch. The wave spring is designed to replace coil springs in new and existing clutches. Only one wave spring per plate is required versus several coil springs. The wave spring allows simple assembly of a clutch on the shaft without the use of special tools used to retain the obsolete coil springs. When used with the "extended teeth" hubs maintenance time is dramatically reduced.


Extended Teeth

WPT's patented extended tooth hub for Power Grip Clutches greatly assists in re-assembly of the clutch while mounted on a shaft. The extended teeth allow for all center/ floating plates to remain engaged on the hub teeth with the release springs in a relaxed state. Previous designs required special clamps to retain all parts on the hub until the airtube holding plate could be installed and the bolts installed.