11" Mechanical PTO Clutch

The 11" Automotive Style PTO is a clutch made for a flat face flywheel.


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11" Automotive Style PTO Clutch

The Automotive style Mechanical PTO is a rugged, heavy-duty power take-off assembly made for flat faced flywheels used in marine, industrial, construction, brush chipper and irrigation applications.

Feature Loaded & Virtually Maintenance Free
• The pilot bearing has been eliminated to reduce troublesome downtime from failures and prevent crankshaft loading from the PTO shaft

• Main bearings are sealed for life and require no adjustment

• Torsionally dampened automotive style spring loaded clutch compensates for wear with a simple adjustment at the initial setup

• Externally located ball stud and jam nut make adjustment easy

• Angular contact throw-out bearing reduces heat build up during long idle times

• Engagement force is 1/3 of the force required to engage an equivalent over centre type PTO


     • GM Style Bell Housing
- Mounts directly to 5.7, 6.2, 7.4 & 8.1 litre engines

     • Solid Ductile Iron Bell Housing
       - Built for heavy duty applications
       - No large open holes, to help keep out weather and
         other elements

     • Easy Adjustment
       - Ball screw with jam nut
       - Heavy duty adjustment mechanism
       - No stamped or die cast parts

     • In-line or Side Load Applications

     • Keyed Output Shaft


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Where the Part Number is blank below, please contact us for the number as we are updating the information.


    1 PLATE 11" 2 PLATE 11" 3 PLATE 11"
1 Housing Sae #1
Housing Sae #2
Housing SAE #3
2 Bearing Carrier
3 Hand Lever
4 Hex Head Screw (incl. w/hand lever)
5 Round Head Screw
6 Inspection Plate Cover
7-9 Grease Hose Assembly
7 Grease Hose
8 Fitting
9 Fitting
10 Lock Washer
11 Jam Nut
12 Fitting
13-31 Clutch Pack
13-20 Sliding Sleeve Assembly WTD11-026 WTD11-036
13-16 Brass Collar Assembly WTD11-027 WTD11-039
13 Brass Collar WTD11-015 WTD11-037
14 Hex Head Screw
15 Hex Nut
16 Shim
17 Sliding Sleeve  WTD11-013 WTD11-040
18 Lever Link
19 Lever Link Pin
20 Cotton Pin
21 Adjusting Ring
22 Adjusting Lock Pin
23 Adjusting Lock Pin Spring
24 Lever WTD11-010 WTD11-010 WTD11-010
25 Cotton Pin
26 Spring Washer
27 Lever Pin
28 Floating Plate WTD11-007 WTD11-007 WTD11-077
29 Drive Plate (Solid) WTD11-001 WTD11-001 WTD11-001
Drive Plate (3 Piece) WTD11-002 WTD11-002 WTD11-002
30 Center Plate WTD11-034 WTD11-034 WTD11-078
31 Hub & Back Plate WTD11-008 WTD11-033 WTD11-079
32 Shaft Washer
33 Shaft Nut
34 Pilot Bearing WTD11-024 WTD11-024 WTD11-024
35 Driving Ring WTD11-000 WTD11-032 WTD11-081
36 Hex Head Screw
37 Lock Washer
38 Bearing Retainer Lock
39 Bearing Retainer 
40 Main Bearing WTD11-024 WTD11-042 WTD11-042
41 Hub Key
42 Shaft (Solid)
Shaft (Drilled)
43 Output Key
44 Fitting
45 Operating Shaft
46 Woodruff Key
47 Throwout Yoke
48 Hex Head Screw (incl. w/yoke)
49 Lock Washer (incl. w/yoke)
50 Fitting
51 Hex Head Screw
52 Lock Washer
53 Adjusting Ring (coarse thread)
54 Hub & Back Plate (Small Bore)
55-59 Ball Bearing Sleeve Assembly WTD11-089 WTD11-072
55 Snap Ring (Sleeve)
56 Collar
57 Ball Bearing 
58 Snap Ring (Collar)
59 Sliding Sleeve