Sibre Compact Disc Brakes

Sibre Compact-Disc Brakes Service brakes e.g. for travel drives or conveyors.


Service or emergency stop brakes for heavy duty operation and coasting. Ideal for travel drives in container cranes, bucket wheel excavators, stackers, reclaimers, etc.

Design Advantages 

  • Robust design with all bearings and pivot points fitted
         with maintenance free, close tolerance bushes
  • Pins made of rust and acid resistant steel with special
         surface treatment
  • Optimised lever geometry resulting in maximum ratio
         and generous lining clearance
  • Braking torque independent of disc rotating direction
  • Easily replaceable and low cost brake linings, asbestos
         free quality
  • SK-Brakes with constant clearance by means of Sibre
         wear compensator
  • CB5-brakes with manual wear compensator


    Optional Features

  • Switches for position monitoring
  • Switches for lining monitoring
  • Manual release
  • Discs and couplings
  • Housings 

    The Sibre Compact Disc Brake Spec Sheets can be downloaded below.
    Please contact us now for the password to access the PDF documents. 

       Clamping force:  Type  Data Sheet

    Disc brake CB8
    with electrohydraulic
    thruster EBC 100,
    solenoid or hydraulic
    cylinder available.

     1250 - 9000 N


     1250 - 9000 N


    1250 - 9000 N










    Disc brake CB5
    released by solenoid

     1200 - 4700 N  CB5-M  

    Disc brake SK4-M
    released by solenoid

     1200 - 7000 N  SK4-M  

    Disc brake USB2-05
    with electro hydraulic

     1000 - 3850 N  USB2-05  

    Disc brake USB3-05
    with electro hydraulic
    thruster EBC 100

     1000 - 10500 N  USB3-05  

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