Sibre Disc Brake Type USB

Sibre Disc Brakes type USB Service- or emegency stop brake for container cranes,
belt conveyor, bucket wheel excavator.

The Sibre disc brakes USB3 are designed for the use on Main Hoists, Boom Hoists or Trolley Travel. These being STS Container Cranes, RTG & RMG, Grab Unloaders and Steel Mill Cranes.

The Sibre Disc brake USB is available as a Spring Applied or Thruster Release Brake.


 Sibre USB3
on Main Hoist
of STS Crane,

 Sibre USB3
on Main Hoist of
Steel Mill Crane

Sibre USB
on Bucket Wheel Drive

  • reduced maintenance due to sychronisation linkage
  • reduced costs due to smaller thrustors and / or discs
  • extended life time due to centric position of spring
  • universal mounting
    no more left handed / right handed version
  • stainless steel pins and tension rods
  • teflon coated bushes
  • sinter metal linings









The Sibre Disc Brake Type USB Spec Sheets can be downloaded below.
Please contact us now for the password to access the PDF documents.

Braking Torque  Type Spec Sheet   Braking Torque Type  Spec Sheet
0 Nm - 610 Nm USB2-05     1400 Nm - 5500 Nm USB-C 32


80 Nm - 1230 Nm USB3-05     2450 Nm - 16900 Nm USB-C 33  
390 Nm - 5020 Nm USB3-I     900 Nm - 23000 Nm USB-C 53  
370 Nm - 4000 Nm USB3-I-M     Product Information USB3  
2650 Nm - 31850 Nm USB3-III     Options USB3  
390 Nm - 4830 Nm USB-C 31