Application: Industrial
Material Type: Woven
Material Form: Rigid
µ: 0.52
Fixing Method: Bond/Rivet

General Description:

FTL137 is a closely woven, semi-flexible friction material. It is based on yarn spun from a blend of glass and synthetic fibres together with a fine copper wire to enhance its strength and heat dissipation properties.

The impregnant has been specially developed to give it good frictional properties combined with a good degree of flexibility. It has a high coefficient of friction and performs well in wet and damp environments which makes it particularly suited for marine applications.

To help during fitting to brake shoes and bands it can be softened and made more pliable by warming in a bonding oven to between 150 & 1800C for sufficient time for the heat to penetrate the fabric.

This material is not suited to operate in oil-immersed conditions.


• Industrial drum and band-brakes

• Industrial clutches

• Marine mooring & towing winches

• Miscellaneous industrial devices


FTL137 Technical Data