Application: Industrial
Material Type: Woven
Material Form: Flexible
µ: 0.50
Fixing Method: Bond/Rivet

General Description:

Non-asbestos woven brake lining made of heat-resisting organic fiber and fine brass wire, impregnated with special resin binder. FTL094 is free from the paticular prickliness of traditional Non-Asbestos brake lining as it does not contain glass fibreat all. Color is brown.


1,200 kgs/m3 approx


• Woven non-asbestos with fine brass wire insertion.

• Reasonably flexible and can be bent to contact brake shoes or bands

• They are recommended for heavy duty applications due to its high tensile strength and longer durability.

• Since bituminous binder is not used, it has higher oil and heat resistance.


• Marine equipment such as anchor windlass and hoist

• Draw works for on-and off-shore rig

• Lifts and Elevators

• Centrifugal equipment for sugar industry

• Cranes, hoists, hauling trucks and other heavy duty industrial equipment


FTL094 Technical Data