Application: Industrial
Material Type: Moulded
Material Form: Rigid
µ: 0.38
Fixing Method: Bond/Rivet

General Description:

FTL130 is another non-asbestos, semi-flexible friction material from the Dynamex range. It is available in roll form and is suitable for use under dry operating conditions only (i.e. it is unsuitable for use in oil).

As with other materials from this range, FTL130 is sufficiently flexible, when supplied in rolls, to make fitting to curved metal parts a relatively simple operation, after which the heat generated in service will increase its strength and stiffness. Alternatively, FTL130 can be heat treated in an oven at a temperature of between 200 & 230°C for a period of not less than 60 minutes, either before or after fitting.

The frictional characteristics of FTL130 in both its initial flexible and heat treated states are virtually identical. It exhibits excellent temperature and wear resistance and is quiet in operation. This material is manufactured with a ground surface on both sides so may be bonded on either.

This material was specifically developed for attaching to brake-shoes by bonding and is unsuitable for rivetting.


• Industrial drum and band-brakes

• Crane and excavator brake and clutch linings.

• Miscellaneous industrial devices


FTL131 Technical Data