Application: Industrial
Material Type: Moulded
Material Form: Rigid
µ: 0.38
Fixing Method: Bond/Rivet

General Description:

FTL128 is a material which in many respects is similar to FTL122, although marginally higher in friction. It is rigid moulded, light brown in colour and contains a proportion of brass chipping to enhance its heat dissipation properties. This is a non asbestos material, based on a blend of synthetic fibres with a specially developed resin binder.

FTL128 combines a medium friction coefficient with good resistance to fade and a low rate of wear. It machines well and discs can readily be gear cut for use in multi-plate clutches.

This material is suitable for use either dry or in oil immersed applications.


• Clutches for marine gearboxes

• Steering clutches

• Clutches for machine tools, presses and other industrial plant and machinery

• Miscellaneous industrial devices


FTL128 Technical Data