Application: Industrial
Material Type: Moulded
Material Form: Rigid
µ: 0.32
Fixing Method: Bond/Rivet

General Description:

FTL127 is a rigid moulded friction material, having a non asbestos basis of synthetic fibres in random dispersion. It contains no metallic particles and is grey in colour.

FTL127 possesses high physical strength, and facings can be gear-cut on either the inside or outside circumference if required. It has a medium coefficient of friction with low wear and is suitable for use at medium to heavy duty levels.

Although not affected physically by minor oil contamination this material is unsuitable for operating under oil-immersed conditions.


• Clutches for marine gearboxes

• Steering clutches

• Clutches for machine tools, presses and other industrial plant and machinery

• Miscellaneous industrial devices


FTL127 Technical Data