Application: Industrial
Material Type: Moulded
Material Form: Semi-Flexible
µ: 0.42
Fixing Method: Bond

General Description:

FTL126 is a partially cured and hence more flexible version of FTL126/1 which has been specially developed to allow customers the ability to undertake some degree of re-radiusing and “cure-out” for themselves.

To help in the re-radiusing operation and to convert FTL126 into FTL126/1, the material should firstly be warmed to between 1200C (2480C) and 1500C (3020F) before gently inducing a change of radius. However, care should be taken whilst carrying out this procedure to ensure that no one area is re-radiused more than another, otherwise cracking or possible distortion could occur.

Once the new radius has been achieved, the material should be clamped on both the inner and outer surfaces between metal formers and cured at a temperature of 2000C to 2300C (3920F to 4460F) for a minimum of one hour, before being allowed to cool to approximately 1000C (2120F) and the formers removed. Some light scorching or discoloration may occur around the edges of the material but this is quite normal and will be found to be merely superficial.

FTL126 Technical Data