Application: Industrial
Material Type: Moulded
Material Form: Rigid
µ: 0.35
Fixing Method: Bond

General Description:

FTL121.1 is a rigid moulded friction material which is mottled slate grey in appearance; it is a non-metallic asbestos free material having a random base of synthetic fibre and uses a specially developed resin which contributes to both the strength and the performance of the material.

FTL121.1 has moderate mechanical strength together with a medium coefficient of friction combined with a low rate of wear; it machines well and facings can be gear cut on the inside or outside circumference depending on the application.

The material can also be manufactured with moulded gear teeth, if the quantities required are sufficient to justify the tooling costs.


• Industrial clutches, drum and disc brakes, dry or oil immersed applications.

• Band linings and segments for Automatic and Semi-Automatic transmissions.

FTL121.1 Technical Data