BFK458 Spring Applied Brakes

This modular system forms the basis of a product programme that can be adapted to suit practically any application. The BFK458 spring-operated brake is a standard product that can be used anywhere, but its modular design means it can also be used for special applications. Its versatility is its strength.


    * Braking torque: 2-600 Nm
    * 9 sizes in CSA-CUS design
    * DC voltages: 24, 103, 180, 205 V
    * Thermal class F (155 °C)
    * Preset air gap
    * Braking torque can be reduced (module E)
    * Long rotor/hub guide with low rate of wear
    * Manual release facilities for all sizes
    * Air gap and wear monitoring (optional)

Application areas:

Brake motors, cranes, warehousing, wood working machines, industrial trucks, stage machinery, vehicles for the disabled and escalators.