Hillmar Industries

Established in 1979 Hillmar Industries has established itself as an international leader in the design and manufacturing of storm brakes, thrusters, thruster disc brakes, hydraulic power units, industrial disc brakes and cable reels. Industrial Clutch Parts Ltd are distributors of Hillmar products.

Each product supplied is provided with Hillmar's quality guarantee. Comprehensive paperwork including Technical Contract Documents (TCD), Quality Control Documents (QCD) and Installation & Service Manuals are provided in digital form with every products purchased by our customers.


Hillmar Disc Braking Solutions

Modern demand on a brake is to give safety for people and avoid damage to the machine
Sizing and choice of the brake is therefore always a question of safety
The range of Hillmar industrial high integrity brakes offers a system meeting the highest requirements for safety and reliability for small and large braking applications and multifunction service and emergency braking