Intorq Wind Turbine Brakes

Electromagnetic braking systems in wind turbines
Exact and reliable holding in wind power plants

Intorq brakes have been in use for many years in wind power installations. Special requirements of this field of application are high reliability, long maintenance cycles, resistance to environmental influences and a tight braking-torque tolerance.

For pitch drives, Intorq have developed stored-spring brakes as holding brakes that have to display a specific mode of emergency manner even after a failure. The brake casing is encapsulated or suitable for tachometer mounting.

In azimuth drives, brakes from our modular Intorq BFK458 series are used. They keep the turbine aligned in the wind. In the event of a fault, the brakes have to act as a friction clutch to enable the gondola to move with the wind.

In the offshore area, the requirements for corrosion protection and robustness are very high. Encapsulated version with special surface protection are used here.

 Spring-applied brakes in pitch drives 



INTORQ BFK460, suitable for fitting rotary transducers, enclosure IP65

 INTORQ BFK461, closed design, enclosure IP 65

Brakes in azimuth drives



INTORQ BFK458, with fitted manual release.

INTORQ BFK458, with chrome-plated armature plate.

Example applications


 INTORQ spring-applied brake on a pitch drive

 INTORQ spring-applied brake on an azimuth drive