Intorq BFK457

Spring-operated brakes

Compact and quickly installed INTORQ BFK457

In many applications, all that is required of the brake is that it fulfils its basic function. For such situations the BFK457 is just the job. The fact that it can also be installed quickly using the integral fixing screws and fixed air gap makes this spring-operated brake even more attractive.

Intorq BFK457 - Product Information

Intorq BFK457 - Manual PDF

Intorq BFK457 Features

  • Braking torque: 0.12-125 Nm
  • 9 sizes
  • DC voltages: 24, 205 V
  • Thermal class F (155 °C)
  • Compact construction with rotor and flange
  • Integral fixing screws for quick and easy installation
  • Fixed air gap
  • Noise-reduced double spring-operated brake <50 dB(A)

Intorq BFK457 Application areas:

Small motors, vehicles for the disabled, wood working machines, automation systems and general mechanical engineering