Intorq Electrical Accessories

Variable braking with INTORQ Control

Spring-operated brakes basically work on the on/off principle. The mechatronic INTORQ Control braking system enables the braking torque to be applied very precisely and adapted to the dynamic response of the drive. The ideal combination of mechanics and electronics.

Intorq Electrical Accessories Features

  • Variable braking torque M = 20–100 % Mk
  • DC voltages: 24 , 48 V and mains-operated
  • CAN bus for flexible networking

Intorq Electrical Accessories Features Operating modes

  • Pedal-operated brakes (manual input of braking torque)
  • Ramp-controlled brakes (time-controlled input of braking torque)
  • Sensor-controlled brakes (load-dependent input of braking torque)
  • Speed-controlled brake (stopping time independent of load and speed)

Intorq Electrical Accessories Application areas

Industrial trucks, escalators, cranes and automation technology

Other electrical accessories

  • High-speed switchgear
  • Electronic switchgear
  • Half-wave and bridge rectifiers
  • Spark suppressors