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ETP-Mini & ETP-Mini R from Lenze Ltd

Mechanical locking bushes

Designed for small shafts, ETP-MINI creates a backlash free hub connection that is adjustable and easy to remove.  Type R is constructed in stainless steel for the food and process industries. Both types are available for shafts 6 to 14mm.

ETP-MINI consists of two conical, partially slotted steel sleeves (type R stainless steel) and retaining screws (type R rust-free) and is therefore equivalent to a mechanical locking element with high precision.

When the screws are tightened, the inner sleeve presses against the shaft and the outer sleeve presses against the hub, which creates a secure connection. For disassembly, one or two of the screws must be screwed into the threaded holes of the flange. When the screws are screwed in, the sleeves are released and the connection is broken. ETP-MINI type R has one more screw than the standard ETP-MINI, so that it can transmit the same torque (lower tightening torque for rust-free screws). The mounting dimensions are identical.

For dimensions and performance data go to Support & Links and click on CAD-File.


  • Easy to install
  • Good concentricity accuracy
  • Permits wide tolerances
  • Type R completely made of stainless steel
  • ETP-MINI R has rust-proof hexagon socket screws, but rust-proof hexagon head screws are also available