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ETP Express (Type R & C) from Lenze Ltd

These locking bushes connect hubs to shafts on machinery where surface corrosion can be a problem, for example food, process and chemical machinery.  EXPRESS type R is constructed in stainless steel and is available for shafts 15 to 60mm.  EXPRESS type C is nickel plated for shafts 15 to 50mm.  Both types are easily set and removed with the single radial pressurisation screw.

ETP-EXPRESSS type R is made from hardened stainless steel. ETP-EXPRESS type C is match with chemical nickel, around 15 ┬Ám thick. The resistance to corrosion is further increased by the high phosphor content. The screw for both products is made from stainless steel.

ETP-EXPRESS type R and type C correspond to the standard ETP-EXPRESS. The following is valid for type C:

  • The transferable torque is lower as a result of the lower friction coefficients for nickel.
  • Contact surfaces must be carefully cleaned before assembly.
  • During assembly on a shaft or hub plated with nickel, the transferable torque is reduced by 50%.

For dimensions and performance data go to Support & links and click on CAD-file.


  • ETP-EXPRESS type R and C have the same functional properties as ETP-EXPRESS. Extremely fast assembly with only a single radial screw , small mounting dimensions, etc.
  • All surfaces which may come into contact with the environment are made of stainless steel or coated with nickel.
  • The simple cleanability is essential for use in the food industry.
    The pressure medium and lubricant for the screw are approved for use in the food industry.