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ETP Express from Lenze Ltd

Single screw locking bush

ETP-EXPRESS is a general purpose locking bush for the connection of hubs/gears/cams/sprockets to shafts.  It is particularly easy to set with a single radial screw allowing stepless radial and axial adjustment.  The thin wall construction allows compact assemblies.  Available for shafts 15 to 100mm.

ETP-EXPRESS consists of a double walled, hardened steel sleeve filled with a pressure medium, and a flange part. In the flange there is a screw and a piston, with a seal for pressure buildup.

When the pressure screw is tightened, the sleeve expands evenly along the shaft and hub and creates a secure connection through friction locking. After the pressure screw is loosened, the sleeve returns to its original position and can be easily removed.

For dimensions and performance data go to Support & Links and click on CAD-file.


  • Extremely fast assembly/disassembly with only a single pressure screw
    (d> 80 mm, two screws)
  • Radial tightening of the pressure screw allows space-saving installation dimensions
  • Extremely small mounting dimensions
  • Good concentricity accuracy, even after several assemblies