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Electro-hydraulic Thrusters
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Electro-hydraulic thruster is a kind of drive unit which of compact in structure, which integrates electrical motor, centrifugal pump and oil cylinder. It is extensively used as drive mechanism of various drum and disc brakes, drive control of various industrial valves, penstock, directional pendulum and steering (<90°) mechanism, and as drive control of holing devices as well.


Design features:
●The casing is made of casting aluminum alloy, light and beautiful.
●Electrical motor is of non-under-oil structure, B grade or F grade
insulation (upon customer's requirerment), good heat enderance and long life.
●Cover of terminal box is sealed tight. Inlet is of cable stuffing box style, firm and reliable. Electrical protection of casing reaches IP55 grade.
●Both electrical motor shaft and thruster are hard chrome plated on the surface making life of sealing parts greatly prolonged.
●Balancing air house is arranged at one side of oil cylinder casing. Thruster can be installed at any direction within range of 0~180°, thus enlarging its scope of usage.
●All sealing parts and bearing of Ed series are of world known products. The sealing is reliable and performance life is long.
●Fastening parts of Ed series are of stainless steel, beautiful and durable.


Additional Equipment:
    All thrusters can realize some additional functions after equipped with additional devices.
●Up limit switch can indicate such information as whether brake is open, whether the thruster is in the right position.
●Down limit switch can indicate whether the brake is properly closed, whether the thruster return to right position. Upper and lower limit switchs can be arranged simultaneously.
●Add built-in brake spring or release spring (only for short stroke thruster),  spring force can be decided by customers, but the force of built-in spring can not be   exceeded .
●Add heater: in the place where ambient temperature is below-25℃,  heaters can be added upon customer's requirement. Parameters of  heaters are attached.(Tab.1)
●Delay valve of lift and delay valve of fall or delay of lift/fall valves (delay valves can not be added for can infinitely delay lift and fall. Delay range is from rated action time to 30 seconds. Specific delay can be set as per customer's requirement.