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Electro-Hydraulic Strom Braking Wedge
YXZ Electro-hydraulic storm braking wedge is used for outdoor crane and port handling machinery,and used as storm brake under operational condition and as auxiliary storm brake under non-operational condition.

Condition for usage:
●Ambient temperature:-20℃~50℃;Relative humidity: ≤90%.
●Power supply is usually 3-phase, 380V 50Hz or 460 V 60Hz.
●Altitude: ≤2000m.

Main features:
●With limited switch,interlocking protection can be obtained.
●All hinge points are fitted with self-lubrication bearing,so that there are high transmission efficiency,agile movement and long service life.
●With manual release function,maintenance is convenient.
●It adopts Ed thrustor as actuator that has excellent performance,reliable sealing and high protection class of encloser and with lowering delay function, impact on wedge acted by gantry is avoided.
●The wedge is treated with special technique and it has high friction coefficient and excellent anti-corrosion performance.