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Hydraulic Wheel Brakes

YLZ series wheel brakes are new storm braking devices, directly acted on the wheel to realize storm braking in the function of wheel pressure. They are extensively used for outdoor middle and large cranes, port handling machinery, and construction machinery as storm braking under operational state and as auxiliary storm braking under non-operational state. The brakes are mainly used for passive wheel braking. Together with active wheel on high speed shaft adopting two-step brake, it’s better and more economical to realize full wheel storm braking.


Design features:
●Normal closed design,safe and reliable; disc spring set and hydraulic release.
●With limit swtich the brake can give the interlocking protection.
●Brake lining is made from a non-asbestos hard material,which has high and stable friction performance,not sensitive to water, acid and other environmental agents.
●All fasteners and spindles are made of stainless steel.