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RKW Series Electro-Hydraulic Drum Brakes
The RKW series brake is a normally opened brake,which is operated by foot driven hydraulic pump,suitable for horizontal mounting.Mainly used in the slewing mechanism of middle and small portal cranes,When needed,the brake is activated by a manual closed device.

Main design features:

■Interlocking shoes balancing devices (patented technology) constantly equalizes the clearance of brake shoes on both sides and make adjustment unnecessary, thus avoiding one side of the brake lining sticking to the brake wheel. The brake is equipped with a shoes autoaligning device.
■Main hinge points are equipped with self-lubricating bearing, making high efficiency of transmission, long ser vice life.  Lubricating is unnecessary during operation.
■ Adjustable bracket ensure the brake works well.
■Brake lining is of card whole-piece shaping structure,  easy to replace. Brake linings of various materials such as half-metal (non-asbestos) hard and half-hard, soft (including asbestos) substance are available for customers to choose.
■All adopt the company's new types of thruster as corollaryequipment which work accurately and  have long life.


■Release (open) or close limit switch, indicates whether brake is properly released or closed.
■Lining-wear limit switch, indicates when wear of lining reaches the limit (Note: self-compensator should be attached  simultaneously).
■Wear-self-compensator effects self-compensation of shoe clearance and torque when lining wears.