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SB Series Safety Brakes
SB series Safety brakes are high power braking devices acted on low speed shafts, extensively used as emergency braking for various large and middle cranes of port handling machinery at hoist and low speed shaft of luffer mechanism, mine winders, lifters, oblique belt conveyors, cable cars and ropeway cranes at drive system.

Design Features

  • Normal closed design, safe and reliable; disc spring is applied to closed and hydraulic released.
  • Maneuverable action and short braking time.
  • With limit switch the brake can realize interlocking protection and failure indication by PLC.
  • High performance (non-asbestos)lining,steadily friction coefficient; No damnification to braking disc;No-sensitivity to water and air contained high salt.
  • Excellent sealing ensure the brake long service life.
  • Installation site is flexible, easy to operate, adjust and maintain.