The Motion Control Division solves motion control problems economically and efficiently, specializing in satisfying difficult design requests. We work directly with customers to create solutions that fall outside standard product lines.

  • Machine tools
  • Recreation
  • Robotics
  • Mining
  • Mills
  • Industrial Vehicles
  • Cranes
  • Marine
  • Lawn and garden
  • Amusement industry
  • Concrete and construction
  • Elevator and escalator
  • Material handling
  • Medical equipment
  • Outdoor power equipment
  • Printing


Spring Applied Electric


Hilliard Spring Applied Electric Brakes provide positive stopping and reliable holding of rotating devices on demand every time. Spring-engaged when power is removed and electro-magnetically released when voltage is applied, these brakes are designed for maximum flexibility and long, dependable service.


Include robotics, elevators, escalators, machine tools, conveyors, industrial vehicles, and medical equipment.

Electric Brake Products

Hilliard-Twiflex MXSE


The SE spring applied and electrically released calipers can be used with standard brake discs, or clamp to the guide rail of existing equipment. Normally one or two units can be used per disc, but the number may be increased depending on the disc size and brake torque requirement.


Typically used for medium to heavy stopping and holding applications.

Failsafe Caliper Disk Brakes

MK Rail/Disk


Powerful floating caliper design can be used on conventional disc or rail applications. The compact spring-applied design provides easy installation and maintenance. Spring force and air gap can be adjusted to match torque requirements.


Designed for use on elevators, conveyors, cranes, or other devices requiring a spring-applied electromagnetically released brake.

MXB-1 MK Rail-Disc Brakes