Drum Brakes DX

The Industrial Clutch Parts type DX clutch is designed to be a direct interchange and replacement with for * National Oilwell Dy-a-flex units commonly found operating on National Draw works in the oil well drilling industry. It operates in principal like the type FKT unit, in that it was designed for heavy-duty applications and has an open construction, which allow for high heat dissipation. Its ability to handle heavy loads, while withstanding repeated engagement and disengagements has made it a dependable performer. Instead of a utilizing an independent enclosed air actuating tube like the FKT, the type DX unit uses an enclosed diaphragm for clutch actuation. Every single component of the type DX unit is replaceable, meaning it can be rebuilt. The DX unit is available in 5 sizes, with a variety of side plate configurations.

Torque Ratings up to:
808,00 lbs-in at 75 PSI and 100 RPM