Nexen Clutch & Brake on Rubber Sheeter

-600 Clutch and S-450 Brake on a Rubber Sheeter  


During the rubber manufacturing process, cloth is wound up with the rubber to prevent it from sticking together. When the roll is unwound for use, the fabric is would up on a separate roll while the rubber moves on to the next process. A rubber plant was having trouble with the torque limiter and hand brake being used to control tension during this process. Torque was adjusted by an operator turning a screw thread, causing variances in torque. The friction disc life was short, causing costly maintenance and downtime.


The plant replaced their old brake with a Nexen S-450, which was easy to install and eliminated quality discrepancies. The Nexen L-600 clutch on the windup stand gave more reliable performance and long life friction plates decreased maintenance costs.