Nexen Modular Clutch/Brake
Modular Clutch/Brake & Single Position Clutch on Indexing Table


A manufacturer of jar caps was experiencing frequent clutch/brake failures and poor positioning accuracy due to the 60 cycle per minute production rate. In addition to this problem a method was needed to connect and disconnect a indexing table from the rest of the drive system while ensuring synchronization between the two different operations when reengaged.


The customer was using electric clutch/brakes that needed frequent air gap adjustments and burned out coils. Nexen selected the Modular MDB-1125 clutch/brake to replace the electric clutch/brake unit due to it's high torque and thermal capabilities and the ability to replace sections individually as they wore out. A 5H30P-SP single position tooth clutch was chosen to address the connect/disconnect and synchronization issues. Since this retrofit downtime has been greatly reduced, and maintenance has been eliminated, because the MDB-1125 lasts three times longer than the electric clutch/brake and requires no adjustments over it's life. Positioning accuracy has improved greatly improving product quality and reducing scrap.