Electro-Hydraulic Thrusters
Explosion Protected Electro-hydraulic Thrusters


  • Interlocking shoe clearance balancing device (patented technology) constantly equalize the clearance of brake shoes on both sides and make adjustment unnecessary, thus completely avoiding brake lining one side sticking to brake wheel. The brake is equipped with a shoes auto-aligning device.
  • At main hinge points are equipped with self-lubricating bearings,making high efficiency of transmission, long performance life and lubricating unnecessary during the course of operation.
  • Brake spring is arranged inside square tube and surveyor's rod is placed on one side. It is easy for customers to read braking torque value and then avoid the troubles of measuring and computing.
  •  Brake lining is of card wholepiece shaping structure, ease and quick at replace.
  • All adopted the company's anti-explosion thrusters as corollary equipment,work acutely and have long life.
  • The dimensions and braking torque parameters of BYW,BYWZB series brakes comply with German DIN15435 standard.


  • Additional functions can be realized by equipping additional devices
  • Hand release lever.
  • Release (open) or close limit switch, may indicates whether brake is properly released or closed.
  • Wear-self-compensation device, may realize self-compensation of shoe clearance, and torque when lining wears
  • Adopt thruster with fall delay valve as drive system; this can realize closing delay of brake.