Overload Protection Devices

Torque Limiters are pneumatic overload devices designed to instantly disengage at a pre-set torque level. The torque output is easily changed by adjusting the air pressure setting. The Single Position design assures re-engagement of the drive, from a complete stop, in the same position every time, thus providing exact timing of both components.

A limit Switch Assembly senses electrical problems and interrupts power prior to damage occurring. Torque limiters are available in either Open or Enclosed designs in two mounting styles–Set Collar and Set Screw. Single or Double Flex Coupling Adapters can be added for vibration and shock protection, and in-line coupling applications. Air Pressure Control Systems are available in 2 styles to provide remote adjustment of torque settings. There are 10 Metric Models to choose from, each with a wide range of Bore sizes and operating specifications. Torque Limiters address these functions:


Overload Protection


Positive Drive