Nexen PRD Advantages

High Indexing Precision

The PRD is capable of indexing precision up to ± 11 ArcSec and repeatability up to ± 1.2 ArcSec. The unique design and high manufacturing precision of the Nexen RPS forms the foundation for performance unmatched in competitors’ mechanical systems.

High Accelerations

Unlike traditional cam driven systems, the PRD can handle peak torque inputs at any time. This allows for indexing times up to 2x faster than the competition.


The combination of the 99% efficient roller pinion system with a 96% efficient gearbox makes the PRD one of the most efficient rotary systems available. With increasing energy costs, efficiency has never been more important. The PRD replaces dated, inefficient systems and improves performance for customers.

Quiet Operation

Bearing supported pinion rollers move smoothly along the face of each tooth, thus reducing noise levels and vibration often associated with conventional motion systems.

Unlimited Performance At Any Position

Unlike some cam driven systems, the PRD can start and stop at any incremental position. Users can change the motion profile by simply loading a new servo drive program. The RPS system driving the PRD allows the application of maximum acceleration or deceleration at any point without the risk of damage as many cam based indexing systems are.

High Load Capabilities

The PRD table is supported by a high capacity cross-roller bearing rated for loads up to 1575 kN.


The PRD provides very high system rigidity. An innovative design combination of a preloaded cross-roller bearing, RPS, and a precision gearbox create the high rigidity customers demand.


The PRD is capable of speeds of up to 300 RPM.

Maintenance and Life

The PRD has low maintenance requirements and no messy oil baths to service. Pinion life is rated at 60,000,000 revolutions and can usually be replaced numerous times before the ring gear needs replacement.

Large Open Center

The Ring Drive has a large open center that allows users to easily mount equipment and cabling in the center of the rotating plate. (See Mounting Examples below.)

Unlimited Mounting Configurations

The PRD does not require an oil bath as some other indexing technologies do, allowing it to be mounted in any orientation.