Nexen RPS Pinion Selection

Nexen’s Roller Pinions are available in shaft-mount versions that use a keyless mechanical compression bushing to secure it to a shaft, or flange-mount versions that conform to the ISO 9409 specification.

The shaft-mount pinions are only available in one bore size. Nexen recommends using the flange-mount pinions when practical since they are easier to find reducers for, easier to install, and minimize reducer overhung load issues, make for a more rigid system, and allow the use of Nexen preloaders if you choose to not design your own.

The pinion ratings differ from some of the rack or gear ratings, so the combined system would be the lesser of the two. The pinions are available in B and C series and must be matched to the same series called for by the specific size of rack or gear to work properly together. The rack uses B series on all sizes. The gears use C series pinions on RPS sizes 16 through 25 and B series pinions on RPS32 and larger.