Sibre Caliper Brakes

Sibre Twin Caliper Brakes type TEXU Service or emergency stop brake for container cranes, belt conveyor, bucket wheel excavator.

The Sibre Twin Caliper Brake Spec Sheet can be downloaded below.
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PDF Document

 Benefits for the Sibre OEM

- reduced costs for gear box due to:
- reduced distance between input and output shaft (A1 : A2)
- shorter input shaft (B1 : B2)
- smaller bearing of input shaft
- reduced costs for brake disc, e-tech and control system

Benefits for the Sibre Operator

- reduced investment costs
- reduced operating costs due to reduced size of disc
- increased efficiency due to reduced inertia of disc
- increase coeff. of friction = increased torque =
increased safety for emergency stops from overspeed
- safe handling under power failure conditions

Sibre Product Information

twin calliper, single thrustor disc brake

> 20000 Nm on disc Ø 710

- robust and rigid all steel design

- synchronisation linkage

- wear compensator, switches

- manual release

- stainless pivot pins, teflon bushes, sinter linings

- compensation of tangential load on shafts

- easy and safe handling under emergency condition

- narrow width