Sibre Constant Filling Fluid Couplings

SIBRE SFC serial fluid couplings are designed for applications such as heavy duty and harsh environment, which will provide significant transmission effectiveness and stable starting for different applications.

Improve the starting capability of motors; Protect motors from overload, impact and vibration; Balance the load distribution in multidrive applications.

Widely used for mining machineries such as belt conveyers and scraper conveyers, bucket material handling machineries, ball mill, winding machineries, crushers, digging machines, mixers, straightener, cranes and tower cranes, etc.

Selection of Fluid Couplings:
In case of no special requirements required, the specification of the fluid couplings can be selected by motor rotation speed (e.g. the input speed of fluid couplings) and transmission powers in accordance with related values listed in the following table (Technical Data Sheet of Constant Filling Fluid Couplings (Oil as medium) for Type Selection), then find the exactly the proper parameters in the related detailed technical data sheet for different types (sizes).

Remarks: In case of using water as medium, the transmission power increases nearly 1.15 times as per oil as medium. So, when using water as medium, the value of nominal transmission power used for selection of coupling type shall be the actual value divided by 1.15.