Sibre Brake Drum Couplings

Brake Drums Couplings with brake drums, hubs with drums.

The Sibre Drum Brake Couplings Spec Sheets can be downloaded below.
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BT 95

brake drum with lateral web

    BT 94 

brake drum with concentrig web

BT 135 brake drum without hub     ALC-AT flexible coupling
with brake drum


flexible buckle coupling     S-BN

flexible buckle coupling


pin coupling with brake drum

    APC-A pin coupling
without brake


Ball Hinge Drum Couplings

Material: Outer ring and inner ring by material 42CrMo+QT.

Ball Hinge Drum Coupling Part Names

Working principle and behavior of ball hinge drum coupling

  • Contact surface between inner ring and outer ring is ball surface

  • Top of the key is rectangular and bottom of the key is cylinder

  • Rectangular key position fit with outer ring and cylinder key position can rotate in the groove on the inner ring . Thus coupling have ability of angular compensation


Advantages of Ball Hinge Drum Couplings

  • Sure to be safe as drum coupling because of special structure


Ball Hinge Drum Coupling Application Example

As drum coupling installed with drum on casting crane in steel mill.