Caliper Brakes

A New Power Unleashed

WPT Power's new Caliper Disc Brake products are specifically designed to meet a wider range of global applications.

With the addition of caliper brakes to the already extensive line of WPT Power clutch and brake products, we now offer an even broader range of application choices.

• Energy
• Marine
• Forestry
• Industrial

Disc diameters 30 - 60.5 inches with maximum 49,715 Lb-Ft (67,405 N-M) torque and calipers capable of 48,024 Lb (213,623 N) clamping force.

Other Features Include:
• Advanced technical design improvements through finite element analysis
• Designed to meet minimal response requirements
• Wide range of caliper disc products
• Minimal parts/easy maintenance
• Designed for maximum power