Magnetic Particle Clutch and Brake
Industrial Clutch Parts’ powder-type clutch and brake units utilise magnetic powder to transmit torque. This offers the advantages of more streamlined and softer clutch operation and greater effectiveness during engagement of clutch friction surfaces.

Industrial Clutch Parts produces a diverse range for clutches and is widely experienced in their application.
The company has accumulated extensive technology and know-how and can meet the needs of any client. The many products available are used to control winding machines used in producing paper, fibre, wire and cable and plastic items, and are indispensable parts of any production line.
These units can also be used in low-impact start and drive applications and to prevent overload during operations as torque.

 Standard Magnetic Particle Clutch and Brake   





    Hollow shaft Magnetic Particle Clutch and Brake




    Micro Magnetic Particle Clutch and Brake