Mechanical Power Take-Off Clutches

WPT's mechanical power take-off clutches are suitable for inline and sideload applications on all internal combustion engines with standard SAE flywheel housing dimensions. All PTOs and parts are 100% interchangeable with existing PTOs. All units are supplied with sealed ball pilot bearings to eliminate lubriction problems normally encountered. Ball bearing throwout collars are optional on 14" units and standard on 311 units.

The WPT Power mechanical power take-off consists of a lever actuated clutch with a shaft and bearings mounted in a rigid cast housing. The mechanical PTO is designed for inline & sideload applications on all internal combustion engines with standard SAE industrial flywheel/flywheel housing dimensions.

• Supplied with sealed-for-life pilot bearings to eliminate lubrication problems

• Ball bearing throw-out collars are optional on 10", 11.5", 14", 18" and standard on 311 PTOs

• Heavy duty Kevlar is available for heavy shock load applications that require extra tooth strength

• All drive rings are ductile (nodular) iron as standard

• Roller bearings are available for customers requiring higher sideloads

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11" Mechanical PTO Clutch

The 11" Automotive Style PTO is a clutch made for a flat face flywheel.

13" Mechanical PTO Clutch

The W13-WG-100 is a rugged, heavy duty power take off assembly used in marine, industrial, construction, brush chipper, and irrigation applications. This PTO offers direct drive capabilities.

14" Mechanical PTO Clutch

heavy duty pto

Heavy Duty Mechanical PTO Clutch

Hydraulic or Pneumatic Actuation.Up to 2100 hp

IBF Style Mechanical PTO Clutch


18" Mechanical PTO Clutch


OEM Mechanical Clutch Packs


Remote Start System


PTO Application Examples


PTO Exploded Diagram

The Power Transmission PTO is the most rugged Mechanical PTO available on the market today. The exploded diagram can be found on page 16 and 17.

PTO Twin Disc Cross Reference


PTO Unit & Part Cross Reference