Intorq Tooth Clutches & Brakes from Lenze Ltd


Tooth Clutches & Brakes are used worldwide in printing, packaging machinery, dynometers, machine tools and textile machinery

The designs offer proven quality and precision, supported by unrivalled technical expertise.

Intorq Tooth Clutch & Brake Features:

      • Type 546 tooth clutches in a range 6 to 2200Nm
      • Type 550 tooth brakes in a range 20-2200Nm
      • High torque without slip in a compact size
      • Angular synchronisation of input to output possible
      • Torque limiting and other tooth forms readily available
      • Suits oil or dry running

Other Intorq Tooth Clutch & Brake Models:

      • Large clutches up to 16000Nm, types 543, 545
      • Spring applied, energise to release clutches, types 547, 548
      • Backlash free clutches type 549
      • Slip ring clutches type 550
      • Pneumatic clutches type 675

Also available, multi-disc clutches & brakes, large friction clutches & brakes.
Details on request.

Intorq Clutch Brake Technical Information:

Tooth clutches and brakes transmit high torques step free with small dimensions. Engagement is made at low or zero speed. Variations to the toothform can achieve functions such as torque limiting and synchronisation.

Main models
546.XX1X flange mounted tooth clutch
546.XX.3.X bearing mounted tooth clutch
546.XX.X.4.X rear-face mounted tooth brake