Intorq Clutch Brakes from Lenze Ltd

Clutch-brake combinations are frequently used in switched-mode systems with synchronous drive speeds.

Intorq Clutch Brakes are very rugged and easy to maintain. These models were previously sold under Simplatroll, Lenze Ltd and Simplabloc names.

Intorq Clutch Brake Features:

      • Rated torques of 7.5-120 Nm
      • Brake and clutch mounted in a housing
      • Rapid acceleration and deceleration at constant motor speed
      • Easy to maintain as result of patented wear compensation system
      • Available with motor and gearbox from the Lenze programme

Intorq Clutch Brake Application Areas:

Packaging and labelling machines, filling plants.

Intorq Clutch Brake Technical Information:

INTORQ series 14.800 clutch brakes turn a continuous motion at the input to intermittent motion at the output shaft in a torque range 7.5 to 120Nm

Common designs
14.800.XX.11.1 Foot mounted free shaft input
14.800.XX.10.3 B5 motor input
14.800.XX.11.4 B14 motor input

Other possibilities
B5 and B14 flanged outputs
Zero backlash
Hollow shaft output