Intorq Miniature Clutches and Brakes from Lenze Ltd

Magneta electromagnetic clutches and brakes from Lenze Ltd transmit the torque and brake torque through dry running friction material.

With DC voltage applied, the torque is transmitted without backlash. Using the pre-stressed spring of the armature, a release, free of residual torque is ensured. These clutches and brakes can be installed in any mounting position and hardly need any maintenance.

Magneta Clutch & Brake Features:

  • Standard clutches according to the catalogue 0.3 - 3.6 Nm
  • Application clutches up to 5 Nm are available depending on the customer's requirement.

Magneta Technical Information:

These energise to engage clutches & brakes are available in standard ranges 0.3 to 3.6Nm. They are practically maintenance free with a long life.