BFK468 Intorq Spring Applied Brakes from Lenze

The Intorq BFK468 is a high performance brake which suits the demands of ever higher motor speeds and drive torques.

The Intorq BFK468 spring-operated brake from Lenze uses innovative multipole technology to generate more torque from a given size in a range 150-2400 Nm

Intorq BFK468 Brake Features:

  • Spring-operated brake with multipole system
  • Up to twice the braking torque compared to the BFK458
  • Fixed or adjustable braking torque
  • 'Cold brake' by holding current derating
  • Short operating times on AC side
  • Large working air gap means long maintenance intervals

Intorq BFK468 Application Areas:

rake motors, storage technology, escalators, cranes, stage machinery.

Intorq BFK468 Technical Information:

Size Torques (Nm) Body
Rated Max
18 150 300 220 30-45
20 260 520 257 35-50
25 400 800 305 40-70
31 1200 2400 390 60-80