BFK466 Intorq Multipole Spring-Operated Caliper Brakes from Lenze

The Intorq BFK466 from Lenze has high braking torques, short response times and low-noise operation which is perfect for direct drives for modern hoists.

The Intorq BFK466 Multipole spring-operated brake from Lenze satisfies the requirements for direct drives for modern hoists and can also be adapted to the shape of the motor or brake disc. 

Intorq BFK466 Brake Features:

  • Spring-operated brake in the form of a caliper
  • For multiple and redundant arrangements
  • High braking torque and large working air gap
  • Release without residual torque and quiet operation
  • Optimal contour adaptation to the design of the motor or brake disc
  • High magnetic forces caused by overexcitation when releasing
  • 'Cold brake' through holding current derating
  • Air gap or wear monitoring using micro switch

Intorq BFK466 Application Areas:


Intorq BFK466 Technical Information:


Friction Force (N)

Max Disc Radius Switching Power (w) Holding Power (w)
12 1172 500 367 92
22 2240 425 353 88
35 3506 375 473 118
60 5992 600 471 118
165 18517 850 608 152