Control Unit Counter Type SRB 3206 - Precision Step System
The Electronic Preset Counter Type SRB 3206 is ideal for use in processes where precise length measurement, high counting frequency and rapid changeover are required.

The preset value of a desired feeding length or other physical quantity is programmed into the preset counter. Four different preset values are available and may be programmed in any desired unit of measurement i.e. mm, inches, degrees, kg, r.p.m, etc.

After initial programming you can quickly and easily change the preset value and in this way modify the product even on the fly.

Two discrete counter sections internal to the SRB 3206 further increase the functional flexibility. These counters will operate at high frequency to ensure that no pulses are lost during the start/stop phases.

The Preset Counter SRB 3206 offers the following functions:

Two discrete counter sections
Programming of four preset values
Shift of preset values during operation
Programming of scale factor
 Choice of digit range (movement of decimal point)
Selecting one or two-channel encoders
Selecting preset conditions
Selecting counting direction (up or down)
Counter blocking


Counting frequency of up to 50kHz ensures high precision
Very short reset times eliminate counting errors
Optional scale factor ensures great flexibility